Kelly Williams

VP, Strategic Video Platforms

Cox Communications

Kelly Williams is Vice President, Strategic Video Platforms, at Cox Communications. In this role, he is responsible for the overall implementation of our new Contour 2 video platform which we are deploying in partnership with Comcast. He leads a cross functional team charged with establishing our relationship and interfaces with Comcast, including the governing legal agreement, as well as all aspects of development and implementation within Cox.

Prior to this role, Kelly was responsible for product management and development functions related to Cox’s wireless initiatives, with a large part of those efforts focused on Cox’s efforts in the public/metro WiFi domain.

Before coming to Cox, Kelly spent 23 years with BellSouth/Cingular/AT&T. During that time, he held a variety of positions including VP/GM of Bellsouth’s Nicaragua wireless company, VP/GM of BellSouth International Wireless Services, head of core technology strategy for Cingular Wireless, and various other marketing, operations, project management, strategy, product development, product management and planning roles.

Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA in Finance. He is a native of Kentucky although he grew up in South Florida, is married to Angela Rimer (for 28 years), and has a daughter and son ages 21 and 18, respectively. Hobbies he enjoys include motorsports, a variety of outdoor activities, photography, exercising, music and spending with his family while pursuing these interests.


2:30PM - 3:30PM Tuesday, May 17, 2016