Karl Moerder

Principal Engineer

Futurewei Technologies Inc.

Karl Moerder PhD presently holds the position of Principal Engineer in the Cable Access Networks Laboratory at Futurewei Technologies Inc. located in Santa Clara, California. Karl has over 35 years experience in the design and development of Cable and Satellite communications and encryption systems. He holds 10 US Patents in data communications and systems timing, with additional US Patents pending. Dr. Moerder joined the Futurewei Technologies Cable Access Networks team to advance DOCSIS 3.1 technology and future technology developments for the Cable TV industry.

Previously Karl worked at Broadband Innovations, later acquired by Motorola, as the Director of Systems Engineering. He was responsible for the architecture and development of the FEC encoding, digital modulation and signal processing for the DQRM, the first multiple channel single module digital encoder, modulator and up-converter for the Cable TV industry. At Motorola as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, he helped expand the DQRM to 4 and 8 channel modules with essentially the same size and power requirements.

Karl Moerder was one of the founders of Tachyon Inc. He was the Architect of the space segment for the Tachyon Satellite Communication System with a TDM forward link and TDMA, FDMA and OCDMA reverse link. A key feature of this system was a dynamic modulation approach to operate each of the remote units with minimal excess link margin. The OCDMA reduced the need for a large number of FDMA channel bandwidths. It is worth noting that a DOCSIS 2 network is very similar in architecture to a TDM/TDMA satellite communication system.

Before and in between these activities, Karl contributed to a wide range of fields including robotics, vision systems, de novo drug design, computer and operating system design, security and military communication systems. Algorithm development is the common thread in all of his activities. Dr. Moerder obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 1990 from the University of California at San Diego.


4:00PM - 5:15PM Monday, May 16, 2016