Rhodes Mason


Internet Video Archive LLC

Mason’s career in entertainment spans over 30 years with positions in film, music, and advertising. For the past decade, he has been at the center of the convergence of entertainment and online video. Mason oversees all client acquisition as well as relations with TV networks, movie studios, and game publisher supplier relations. He has formed long-term partnerships with the leaders in retail, cable/satellite, telecoms, ticketers, data companies, recommendation engines, player platforms, and app developers on the importance of trailers for consumer guidance and sell-through. Mason formed early partnerships with the first connected TV’s, smartphones, and tablets as they emerged and led the company to delivering video across those screens when they were first released to consumers.

His interaction with clients has guided IVA products and services to meet their needs ranging from an entertainment CMS, DTS audio enhanced video formats, editorial services, and a new ad platform, AdQ Video. Mason consults clients regularly on best practices to grow their viewership and revenue. He is a frequent speaker at industry events around the world and part of a think tank for Digital Hollywood.


12:00PM - 1:00PM Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Imagine Park, INTX Marketplace