Modern UX/UI: Humanizing our Interactions with Media
Session P12

Date: Wednesday May 18, 2016    Time: 11:15am-12:00pm
Location: Imagine Park, INTX Marketplace

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Quite possibly the most action-packed Imagine Park session ever, bursting with cool stuff -- like real-time recognition and analysis of faces and emotions in video, and the latest in the intersection of smart watches, and TV. Haven’t heard of OpenGL, not to mention GPUs -- or, haven’t thought about their applicability outside of video game development? Guess again, in this visually rich demo of openGL for TV-specific applications. Plus: See the power of the human voice in controlling all of your stuff -- with the TV as the hub -- and the pros and cons of a natural language interface to the smart home.

Sara Spalding, Microsoft
"Understanding your content through Microsoft Cognitive Services – A face and emotion analysis demo"

Andrew Maclusky, Digiflare
Soha Mohiuddin, Digiflare
"Building your OTT app in 72 hours"

Stuart Russell, You.I.TV
"OpenGL GPUs Are No Longer Optional - They're The Future of TV Interfaces"

Kenn Harper, Nuance Communications
"The Television Was Our Lens into the Internet of Things - Now It's Our Foundation"