Water Cooler 2.0: New Dimensions in Content Discovery
Session 34

Date: Wednesday May 18, 2016    Time: 9:30am-10:30am
Location: East 2, INTX Marketplace

Session Video

Session Description

Dinner parties and office cafeterias no longer have a corner on the market for content recommendation. A modern blend of social media dialogue, metadata integration and on-screen presentation have enormous sway over what gets noticed, talked about, listened to and watched over myriad platforms. Discover how program networks, content producers, pay TV distributors and others are involving and integrating social media, metadata and mobility into their own recommendation/discovery toolkits, and get a forward-minded view of changes looming in the way audiences identify content.

Learn about:

  • closing the gap between social recommendation and instant tune-in
  • the impact and influence of “second-screen” media and platforms
  • the role and future of Big Data in content recommendation