Nurturing Ideas, Sparking Innovation: CTOs on the Transformation from Chaos to Opportunity
Session 32

Date: Wednesday May 18, 2016    Time: 9:30am-10:30am
Location: Super Session Stage, General Session West

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Sponsored by Accenture.

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From Marconi onward, every significant advancement in entertainment, communications and media has depended on advancing the capabilities of enabling technology. It’s just that today, the stakes are higher and the game moves faster than ever. In the midst of a convulsive period for every media sector, Chief Technology Officers make critical decisions about where to invest, what to adopt, how to proceed and what to ignore. Listen in as some of the top technology strategists and leaders from across the Internet and television sectors talk about how they distinguish the innovative from the everyday – and what they see as the most promising new advances in technological capability.

Learn about:

  • game-changing ideas for harnessing chaos
  • approaches for cultivating and supporting innovation
  • who’s betting big on what delivery and distribution platforms