The End of Guesswork: Big Data Analytics and Implications for Content Delivery
Session 31

Date: Wednesday May 18, 2016    Time: 8:00am-9:00am
Location: Room 157

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Session Description

Statistical samples that make educated guesses about tastes, likes and tendencies are rapidly giving way to real-time, real-world analytics that provide tremendous depth of understanding about actual behaviors and how to align with them. Describing how Big Data implementation can bring about vast improvements in content discovery, network efficiency and quality of experience are peer-selected experts who are at the forefront of analytics and their implementation in the media and communications environment.

Learn about:

  • an analytics approach to making video bandwidth and QoE decisions
  • what data tell us about the distinctions among watching, liking and discovering content
  • effective utilization of multicast ABR using real-time analytics
  • big Data approaches to media asset management