Is Content Really King? Understanding the Value of Platforms in a Crowded Video Space
Session 25

Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016    Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm
Location: Super Session Stage, General Session West

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Session Description

For videophiles, the Internet is the ultimate cornucopia, offering an enormous reservoir of content accessible with only a few clicks. But it’s this very richness that produces challenges around discovery, utility, ease of access and cross-platform symmetry. Maybe that’s why major players from Comcast to Amazon to Apple are working feverishly not only to aggregate content, but to make it accessible over their own unified delivery platforms. Find out more about the power of the platform as leading business development strategists share their ideas and beliefs about the marriage of online video content with delivery and presentation platforms – and why they think this pairing is critical for achieving scale in a changing video sector.

Learn about:

  • consumer response and usage behaviors
  • the critical role of mobile access
  • how the right content can bolster platform demand and customer retention
  • strategies for combatting the rising threat from standalone OTT services