Peak TV Performance: Leading Network Executives on Finding and Creating Breakthrough Content
Session 20

Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016    Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Super Session Stage, General Session West

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Session Description

With production costs mounting, economic models shifting and hundreds of new original scripted series expected to be televised in 2016, the challenges for creating breakthrough hits have never been more daunting. But that’s not stopping some of TV’s most inventive networks from trying…and succeeding. Find out how top-performing networks stay ahead of the game by cultivating breakthrough programming that captivates audiences at scale despite the headwinds caused by intensive competition and increasing complexity of platforms.

Learn about:

  • the mix of art, science and intuition that guides content acquisition decisions
  • the binge viewing phenomenon and its impact on storytelling
  • why (and how) audiences flock to hit shows
  • the role of research in guiding creative development