Why Targeted Ads are (Still!) Such a Moving Target
Session P07

Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016    Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: Imagine Park, INTX Marketplace

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Advertising aficionados are fond of pointing out that when an advertisement is about something of interest to the viewer, it’s not an annoyance. It’s useful information. This session reveals what’s hot at the intersections of advertising and all forms of video -- from linear/live, to on-demand, over-the-top and mobile. Included: A fresh look at how data and new advertising formats can reverse the desire to see fewer ads -- while increasing the amount of time people watch programs. And: a “publisher first” ad management approach for online ads that tracks revenue, fill rates and user experience in real time. Plus, new ways of combining TV analytics with social data to better understand and reach audiences, a fresh approach at linking buyers and sellers of linear television time and a new way to apply ad personalization across on-demand and TV platforms.

Zane Vella, Watchwith
"Less is More: Rethinking TV Advertising for a Multi-Platform, On-Demand World"

Rhodes Mason, Internet Video Archive LLC
"AdQ Video: A Smarter Video Ad Platform"

Aaron Goldman, 4C
"Seizing Fragmented Attention to Save TV Advertising"

Derek Mattsson,Placemedia
"TV Advertising's Fast-Changing Mashup - Where Internet and Cable Networks Converge"

Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor
Ofir Daniel, Amdocs
"The Next Generation of Personalized Advertising for On-Demand and TV Everywhere Content"