Single and Loving It: The Who, How and Why of Standalone SVOD
Session 16

Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016    Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Location: East 1, INTX Marketplace

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Session Description

Suddenly, they’re everywhere. From Crunchyroll to Noggin to WWE Network to Seeso, single-purpose subscription VOD services are popping up across the Internet, offering superfans unfettered access to the content they love for a few dollars each month. This timely session examines the much-varied content offerings, divergent business models and performance records of an entirely new class of “channels,” and what its emergence means for traditional television bundling and delivery approaches.

Learn about:

  • economic assumptions and business drivers behind the new wave
  • how consumers are reacting…and whether they’re buying
  • marketing and positioning strategies for single-channel SVOD