The Communicators: The FCC Commissioners on Competition, Convergence and Consumers
Session 15

Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016    Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Location: Super Session Stage, General Session West

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Produced in partnership with C-SPAN's The Communicators.

When the FCC was established in 1934, radio was the dominant medium and only about 10 percent of Americans had telephones. Now, commissioners and staff grapple with complexities of Internet regulation, spectrum auctions, video competition, broadband deployment, retransmission conflicts and much more. With complex policy subjects like net neutrality, privacy and the set-top box marketplace swirling, here’s your chance to hear directly from Commissioners about the intersection of government and business in a rapidly changing communications and media marketplace.

Learn about:

  • the latest FCC initiatives from set-top boxes to privacy
  • spectrum policy and the search for additional spectrum for unlicensed services
  • consumer protection in an age of rapid-fire innovation