Immersive Storytelling: How VR and Ultra HD are Mesmerizing Viewers
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Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016    Time: 10:45am-11:45am
Location: Imagine Park, INTX Marketplace

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In the tangle of innovation that is advanced television, we’re on a sort of triple-brink: HD is growing up into UltraHD/4K, which is expanding toward High Dynamic Range/HDR, just as Virtual Reality/VR and 360-degree viewing are adding a giant dose of experiential immersion. See what’s happening behind the scenes at INSIGHT UltraHD, a 4K/UHD channel currently distributing 200+ hours of mostly-original 4K/UHD content to viewers in Europe, Russia, Australia and India. Examine a side-by-side comparison of 4K /UHD and HDR content, as well as samples of VR content developed for EPIX original series “Graves” and “Berlin Statino,” premiering this fall. Plus: VR and 360 degree video offer completely different and immersive ways to make viewers feel like they’re “on the scene” -- and what better place for being on the scene than breaking news? See the AP’s plans to launch VR and 360 video. And oh -- by the way -- ever wonder how much these bandwidth-slurping new video products are going to tax network capacity? Learn all about it on the Imagine Park stage.

Nora Ryan, EPIX
Shane Lindley, EPIX
"Solving the Millennial Equation"

Nathan Griffiths, Associated Press
"The Next News Experience? Immersive Storytelling through Virtual Reality"

Craig Heiting, Deluxe On Demand
"Making 4K UHD Relevant: Bringing HDR to the Consumer"

Mariam Zamaray, INSIGHT Ultra HD
"Using 4K-Ultra HD Soon: Why 4K-Ultra HD and How to Deliver It?"

Charles Cheevers, ARRIS
"Bandwidth Requirements in the Next 5 Years: A (Virtual) Reality Check"