New Digital Media Stars
Session 11

Date: Monday May 16, 2016    Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Room East 3, INTX Marketplace

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Session Description

Channeling Video’s Future: Meet the New Digital Media Stars

A prized spot on the TV channel lineup used to be the critical imperative for launching a television network. No more. Now, the route to an audience runs over the Internet, with performers and aggregators able to create and publish new video content that’s distributed independent of traditional avenues and intermediaries. Discover how new digital video platforms are ushering in a new era of entertainment, and how some instrumental leaders of the revolution see the landscape evolving.

Learn about:

  • How to align digital platforms and audiences
  • The promises and pitfalls of partnering with Internet aggregators
  • How the sports-TV relationship is changing in the new digital environment