The Knowledge Factory: Harnessing Data to Shape Content & Invigorate Customer Relationships
Session 05

Date: Monday May 16, 2016    Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm
Location: East 2, INTX Marketplace

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Session Description

Going forward, the critical business differentiator is data. Sustaining one-to-one relationships with customers, viewers and fans demands adroit data collection and smart implementation of data-driven content development, marketing and business management approaches. Find out what cutting-edge communications, content and technology companies are doing to harness the power of data in their pursuit of competitive advantage and sustained marketplace leadership.

Learn about:

  • how companies are using big data to shape their products and content offerings
  • how industry leaders are leveraging customer knowledge into new business models
  • what the outlook is for personalized marketing; how far to go towards an “audience of one”
  • which companies are best at harnessing data for their competitive advantage
  • which leading capabilities and approaches can drive the most value for your company