The Experiential Sports Spectacular
Session P02

Date: Monday May 16, 2016    Time: 1:15pm-2:00pm
Location: Imagine Park, INTX Marketplace

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Session Description

Innovation tends to thrive around two entertainment video categories … one of them being sports. Heads-up, sports fans: What if you could make a video mashup of your fantasy sports teams, using only data points, and in less than a minute? How about personalized game highlights that steer you directly to any replays that happened in The Big Game? Or -- your own sports oracle, tracking every game that’s on, which pings you when something big happens on a different channel? All of this will unfold on the Imagine Park stage. Bonus: What’s a sports fanatic session with out a sports enthusiast of a host?

Andrew Walworth, Grace Creek Media
"Turning Big Data into Personal TV Reports - Automatically and At Scale"

Brian Ring, Thuuz Sports
"Automated Sports Highlight Reels - More Depth, More Personalization, More Real Time"

Matt Wildrick, Rovi Corporation
"Sports Metadata - Creating an Immersive Experience for the Sports Fanatic"